Gostoto Aquarium Bubble Light, LED Fish Tank Bubbler Light, Fish Tank Air Stone Disk with Auto Color Changing

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✔ Great Ornaments For Your Aquarium: Slow color changing LED light and airstone combination
✔ This light will create beautiful light in your aquarium, ideal for aquarium, fish tank, pool, pond, etc.
✔ High Quality LED: Use 6pcs high brightness LED chips, long lifespan, high energy efficiency and reliability, small decline, no flashing.
✔ High Quality air stone, rich bubbles with the beautiful LED light, makes your fishes be more health.
✔ Plug and play, easy to operate,suitable for all size fish tank use.
✔ Safe To Use: Width input voltage(AC100-240V), Low output working voltage (DC 12V), safe and energy saving, do not cause any harm to people or fish.
✔ To decorate your aquarium in Multi-color Slow Flash multiple color
✔ Totally sealed design for underwater work, product do not include the air pump, please prepare it additionally.

Voltage: 100-240V/50-60Hz
Output: 12v LED Bubble Air Stone
Working temperature: 5℃-40℃
LED quantity:6pcs high quality RGB 5050SMD LED
LED color: Multicolor(Slow color changing)
Diameter: 5.1x2cm(2x0.79inch)

1. Test the light before putting it into fishbowl. Plug the slot into socket, and use IR remote switch on. If all the LEDs are working, then it is normal.
2. Connect with the air tube.
3. Air tube connect with the air pump(Not included).
4. Clean the surface that is used for fixing the sucker of the light.
5. Connect power adapter and turn on the light and the pump(not included).
6. Bubbles and light will work together.
Note: Our product do not include the air pump!

Package includes:
1X LED Bubble Air Stone light
1X Silicon air tube
1X Power adapter
  • LED Aquarium Air Stone Disk
  • Multi-Colored LED Aquarium Light
  • Round Fish Tank Bubbler with Auto Color Changing LED Light

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