Handheld Shower Head, KUIIYER 10-Mode 5.1”High Pressure Shower Head

Sale price$26.99


More Choice in One-10 Mode Shower Head: ★8-Mode Shower Spray-Pause, Misty, Misty+Massage, Massage, Massage+Rain, Rain, Rain+Blade Shaped Spray, Blade Shaped Spray. ★Built-in 2-Mode Power Wash Cleaning Spray-Wide Fan & Point Jet can quick clean of your bathroom floor, bathtub, toilet, tile, dogs or other pets. ▶1 Key adjusts 10 different setting spray.

❷High Pressure Shower Head: Unique internal structure and air intake technology provides powerful water flow even at low water flow and low pressure.

❸Premium Material: Handheld Shower Head is made of TOP quality ABS and durable chrome-finish manual quality inspection.

❹Saving Water Design: ①2.5GPM Flow Restrictor can control water folw and save water. ②Shower Head Pause Mode can save water while shampooing or soaping up.

❺Self-cleaning Silicone Nozzles: 48 Self-cleaning silicone jets and 21 ABS nozzles can be anti-clog and prevent lime and hard water buildup. Make the shower head has a longer service life.

❻5.1”Wider Shower Panel provide a full and even coverage of water, gently massaging your body and remove all your tiredness.

❼60”Stainless Steel Hose with Brass Insert achieves much higher performance and durability, can serve many years without water leakage.

❽Angle Adjustable Shower Head Holder: With 360° adjustable rotating ball joint, the shower head can be easily adjusted to whatever angle you desire.

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